United States

TCI Renewables’ subsidiary, Air Energy TCI Inc, is active in several markets across the US. Presently Air Energy TCI Inc has over 1,500 MW of wind projects in development. As our projects progress we will post further information via the below hyperlinks.

Additionally, Air Energy TCI Inc is in the process of developing opportunities elsewhere within the United States; incorporating the States of California, Texas, Oregon, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. Landowner negotiations, stakeholder consultation and grid interconnection inquiries have already commenced. These additional opportunities total approximately 1,500 – 2,000MW in planned projects between 50MW and 300MW individual size.

Typically each turbine requires control of around 100 acres, of which 1-2 acres of land per turbine will be taken out of agricultural use.

As these projects become more established, further information will be hosted on our website.

For more information please contact our Montreal office.