Air Energy TCI Inc (TCIR) commenced site prospecting in Québec in the summer of 2005 in response to Hydro Québec Distribution’s Call for Tenders (CFT) for 2000MW of additional wind capacity, issued in October 2005. Two projects were submitted into the CFT in September 2007 under the name of Venterre, a joint venture created between TCIR and Canadian Hydro Developers one of Canada’s leading renewable energy companies. In May 2008, Venterre was awarded a power purchase contract for each site, totalling 116MW of installed capacity for commissioning by December 2012. Please refer to the attached Press Release.

In July 2010, TCIR formed a joint venture with Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies (KSE), an Aboriginal empowered entity, and bid the 24MW St Cyprien wind project in a Hydro Quebec Distribution Call for tenders related to Aboriginal projects. The project was awarded a power purchase agreement in December 2010. KSE is a co-enterprise formed between Tewatohnhi'saktha (KEDC) (Kahnawà:ke Economic Development Commission) and Air Energy TCI Inc (AET) of Montreal. Development responsibilities for the project will be shared between the parties throughout the planning and permitting stages of the project. If the St-Cyprien wind farm project satisfies all permitting requirements and is placed in service, the wind farm and the associated responsibilities for its operation will revert in full to the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Community owned enterprise.

In addition to the above CFT, TCIR is currently working to identify further projects in anticipation of a forthcoming RFP from Hydro Québec Distribution, please follow the link below for further information.

2000MW Hydro Québec Calls for Tenders

Anticipated Forthcoming Hydro Québec Call For Tenders