Hancock - Seneca

Hancock - Seneca Wind
130 MW


Proposal: 53 – 88 Turbines, associated cabling, access roads, permanent met masts, and grid interconnection facilities
Location: Hancock County and Seneca County, Ohio
Turbine: Evaluating 1.5MW – 2.5MW units
Status: Active Development

Notice of Public Open House 2011

Site Characteristics:
The Project is situated in a rural area East of Findlay, OH. The landscape is flat agricultural land, consisting primarily of row crops including corn, soy beans, and wheat.


  • In October 2011 a public open house was held at the Arcadia Community Center, in Arcadia, OH, where information regarding the proposed Project was displayed to local residents. Experts from TCI's environmental consultants, Ecology & Environment Inc, were on hand to assist with the session and answer questions related to the environmental work completed to date and work going forward. The event was well attended by over 150 local residents.
  • A Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Project is planned to be submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board in the second quarter of 2012.
  • The Project is being developed to be operational in 2013-2014 time period.
  • The wind measurement campaign includes 2 meteorological (met) towers that were installed in the Project area in winter 2010, and Summer 2011 respectively.
  • Interconnection Studies are underway with the Regional Transmission Operator (PJM) and the utility company (AEP) for the Project's capacity.
  • Environmental field studies have been underway in support of Project permitting since the summer of 2011.
  • Tier I environmental surveys and review have been completed and / or are underway since 2008.
  • Stakeholder consultation has occurred and is on-going at the local, State, and Federal level.
  • Land acquisition for the Project is advanced and on-going, with over 16,000 acres signed up for the Project.
  • Several landowner meetings have been held in the Project Area. More will be held in the future, and the community will continue to be invited to attend.
  • The Project has strong community support.

For further Project information, contact Development Manager Rory Cantwell - rory.cantwell@tcir.net or 514-842-1923.