Projects: Up to 100 turbines (200MW)
Location: North-East Colorado, USA
Turbine: 2MW (type to be determined)
Dimensions: Hub height 80-100m (262 – 328ft), blade length 45-50m (148 – 164ft), overall height 125-150m (410 – 492ft) (maximum dimensions)
Status: Pre-planning

TCI Renewables LLC is evaluating two locations in Northeast Colorado for potential for developing wind energy projects. Each project will cover an area of approximately 6000 acres, with each turbine requiring 1 – 2 acres of land taken out of agricultural use-age.

Each project will comprise up to 100 wind turbine generators and associated cabling, access tracks and transforming substation. The primary land use in these areas is agricultural with fairly flat topography. The local landowners involved have been very receptive to hosting a wind farm.

The planned wind turbines have a projected life expectancy of 25 years, generating electricity to be fed back into the electricity grid. TCI Renewables LLC will be erecting a meteorological mast in Spring 2008 on each site. Interconnection requests for securing electrical transmission capacity for connection of the projects to the existing transmission system are underway for both projects.

Planning Application:
TCI Renewables LLC will submit an application to the Public Utilities Commission for both developments once the interconnection process is close to completion. The planning application will be supported by a full Environmental Assessment of the site identifying the impact of the development.

Public Consultation:
Public information programmes will be carried out for the projects to advise the local community and stakeholders of proposals and to obtain feedback on the proposed development.