TCI Renewables Projects, Clondermot, Derry



Project: Single wind turbine 3MW
Location: Trench Road, Derry, Northern Ireland
Dimensions: 110m maximum tip height
NGR: 244000, 413600 (lat 54.9679N, long 7.3129W)
Status: Granted planning permission 18th January 2010

The site is located approximately 1.75km south of Derry in the town land of Clondermot.  The land is on the top of a steep sided hill and is arable pasture land used for grazing.

TCI Renewables is pleased to announce the validation of its planning application for a single wind turbine project at Clondermot Hill on the outskirts of Derry City. TCI Renewables is developing the project along with electricity suppliers Energia. It is intended that the energy generated will be used to help meet the needs of a large-scale energy user in the area - for example the nearby Altnaglevin Western Health and Social Care Trust hospital.

The application is for one turbine only, with a potential to generate around 7GWh per annum - enough to supply around 1500 homes. The turbine will help save around 60,000 tonnes of CO2 during its operational life time. That is equivalent to the gas emissions from over 1,000 cars each year for 20 years.

The application includes a detailed Environmental Statement which assesses the impact of the turbine on the landscape: including flora and fauna, archaeology, geology and hydrology as well as levels of noise, electro magnetic interference (EMI) and effects on aviation. The statement was compiled after 14 months of social and environmental studies – the conclusion of which has shown that the project will have a positive impact through emission reductions and through the supply of renewable-based electricity to a large local end user.

The application was submitted to the local Planning Authority in Derry in Derry City and was granted planning permission on 18th January 2010. Environmental Statement can be viewed by appointment. TCIR has also made the information available to the public in the Derry City Council Offices (Strand Road) and the Central Library (Foyle Street).
The full environmental statement can also be purchased at Drumahoe Post Office or by contacting TCIR directly.