TCI Renewables Projects, Antrim



Project: Single 660 kW wind turbine
Location: Antrim Area Hospital, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Turbine: Vestas V47 660 kW
Dimensions: 40m hub height, 47m rotor diameter, 63.5m overall height, weight 44 tonnes
NRG: 317055E 388640N (lat 54.73212N, long 6.18368W)
Status: Grid-connected and operational since February 2005
Resources: Merchant Wind Summary

Now a well-know landmark adjacent to the Antrim Area Hospital and alongside the M2 motorway between Belfast and Antrim. When completed in February 2005, the Vestas V47 turbine was the first commercial wind project of its kind in Northern Ireland and the largest at any hospital in the UK. The project won the 2005 Sustainable Ireland Award for Best Use of Renewable Energy.

Commissioned as Project Managers, TCI Renewables put the project through the planning process and managed the delivery, installation and commissioning of the turbine. The turbine was erected in three days in January 2005 and started generating one month later. The entire project process, from conception to installation, took a total of three years.

Generating around 1.2 million units of electricity per annum, the turbine has potential to supply enough electricity for the hospital during the night, and two-thirds of its power requirements during the day. Even in low wind conditions the turbine has proved cost effective and money that would have been spent on power requirements (around £75,000 a year) has been freed up for improved hospital services.

The project cost around £495,000, including delivery of the turbine, against which the hospital trust was able to gain 80% grant funding. In the first two years of operations, the turbine annually reduced CO2 emissions by around 1100 tonnes, based on displacing traditional oil/coal generation.

The project has been such a success that other hospitals and similar-placed public institutions are taking an interest in replicating what has been achieved at Antrim.