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TCI Renewables announced that it has commissioned initial studies to establish the potential for a small wind farm at Upper Vaunces Farm, Pulham St. Mary near Diss.

18 November 2008

TCI Renewables has instigated a series of detailed environmental assessments which will establish whether the farmland site could be suitable for a three turbine wind farm.

A project of that size could provide enough green electricity to power some 4,000 homes - more than enough for every home in Diss.

TCI Renewables development manager, Gavin Clark, said today: "Whilst detailed environmental studies have yet to be carried out, our initial judgement is that the site meets many of the criteria we look for in a small wind farm."

"It has a good wind speed, is a suitable distance from nearby homes, is not in a designated landscape area and has good access for construction traffic."

"What is more, the area was identified in a recent landscape study by South Norfolk District Council as having only moderate sensitivity for a small cluster of turbines."

The company is keen to give local people an early opportunity to comment and is distributing nearly 4,000 newsletters to homes in the immediate area this week. A dedicated website has been launched at

"It is too early to say whether the site could be appropriate, but we are committed to consulting fully with local people before moving ahead with a planning application," added Gavin Clark. "We are sending reply-paid comment cards out with the newsletter and would invite locals to send us their feedback"

St-Valentin Farmers Visit the Melancthon Wind Plant

22 October 2008

In September 2008, Venterre invited farmers who will have wind turbines installed on their properties, as a part of the St-Valentin Wind Project, to see some of the construction currently going on at the Melancthon II Wind Project (near Shelburne, ON). They were also able to see some operating wind turbines at the Melancthon I Wind Plant and the operations and maintenance building.

The goal of this visit was to better understand the potential impacts on agriculture during development and operational phases of a wind plant, and to discuss mitigating solutions for areas of high agricultural quality of soil.

The placement of access roads, the methods used to ensure top soil is well conserved, cleanliness of work areas and the professionalism of the Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. team reassured the visitors; the integration of a wind plant with their usual agricultural activities can be harmonious.

Following the example of Melancthon and in further refining the techniques used, Venterre would certainly be able to satisfy the requests of the Commission de Protection du Territoire Agricole du Québec, l’Union des Producteurs Agricoles and of the landowners themselves, if we minimize the use of high-quality agricultural land during construction and operation of the St-Valentin Wind Project.

This renewable energy project will provide stable revenue that the landowners will benefit from. It could also help to improve the profitability of the farms involved and allow investments leading to increased productivity.

Venterre is planning another visit to a wind plant for landowners who could not attend in September. High quality of work and relations with landowners will continue to be amongst the top priorities for the Venterre team.

St-Valentin en Montérégie, Quebec Mike Jablonicky (Canadian Hydro) and the famers from St-Valentin en Montérégie, Quebec, a few minutes before the blades are lifted and attached to the nacelle.

St-Valentin en Montérégie, Quebec Potatoes harvesting in a field part of the Melancthon Wind Plant – the wind turbines work in harmony with agricultural activities.

Venterre goes back to public following Hydro Quebec awards

15 July 2008

Venterre, a joint venture between TCI Renewables and Canadian Hydro Developers has recently held three public events in Quebec in response to the recent award of two electricity supply contracts from Hydro Quebec Distribution. The goal of theses events was to inform local stakeholders of the contract award, discuss the work that has been finished, and to outline the major milestones that will be met over the next four years.

Saint Valentin Wind Farm

The event was held at the city hall in Saint Valentin, Quebec on June 17th, 2008 and was well attended by over 50 people including local residents, politicians and the local media. Attendees were invited to look over several photomontages of the proposed wind farm, as well as displays dealing with all other aspects of the project (type of turbine, noise, wildlife, etc). Venterre staff, along with their environmental consultants, Helimax Energie and Enviro Science, took the opportunity to answer questions that the attendees had concerning the project.

A follow up public event is scheduled for November, at which time Venterre anticipate displaying a draft wind turbine layout of the project, subject to approval by the Commision de Protection du Territoire Agricole du Quebec (CPTAQ), and the Ministaire du Development Durable et des Park (MDDEP).

City Hall in Saint Valentin

New Richmond Wind Farm

On July 9th and 10th, 2008, Venterre held public events in the towns of Saint Alphonse and New Richmond respectively. The events were held in the two communities where the majority of the turbines will be located for the proposed New Richmond Wind Farm. Bothe events were well attended, with approximately 45 people in Saint Alphonse, and 60 in New Richmond. During the events attendees were able to consult a variety of visual displays, such as photomontages, a draft layout of the wind park indicating possible turbine locations, as well as displays dealing with other aspects of the wind farm (type of turbine, noise, wildlife, etc). The Venterre staff along with its environmental consultants, Helimax Energie and Activa Environment, then gave a brief presentation of the project, followed by a question period. Furthermore, attendees were asked to pinpoint locations on a map which they believed were areas of visual interest in the region as well as locations from which they would like to see further photomontages. Over the next few weeks, Venterre will be assessing the proposals in order to evaluate and indentify the most representational photomontage locations requested by the attendees. These will be made available on Venterre’s website in due course.

New Richmond
"The events were a good follow up to the ones held before the bid submission to Hydro Quebec Distribution. The results were good, and we are pleased with the level of attendance and to see that at both project locations that the population seems to be in favour of our proposals. We are looking forward to continuing our work with the local communities and relationship with the local stakeholders. We currently anticipate depositing our environmental assessments to the MDDEP. in March 2009"
Stephane Poirier (Project Developer)

Bangor's skyline to be transformed by wind turbine

05 June 2008

TCI Renewables was engaged by North Down Borough Council to manage the environmental assessment and planning application for a wind turbine to be sited at Balloo Wood, Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland to supply energy to its new Waste Transfer Facility and Household Waste Recycling Centre. Since successfully gaining planning approval TCIR have managed the preparation of the site for the turbine.

Following planning award TCI Renewables prepared technical specifications for the project and managed the technical appraisal of the tenders. TCIR recommended that Lagan Construction was awarded the contract for installation of an 800kW turbine to be supplied by Enercon, the leading German manufacturer. The turbine is programmed to be installed and commissioned in early July, six months early! TCIR is the Council's technical advisor and is assisting the Project Manager, Michael Whitley Architects, in overseeing the installation and commissioning process.
Belfast News Letter Article

Canadian Hydro and TCI Renewables awarded 116 mw of Wind Power Contracts in Québec

05 May 2008

Canadian Hydro Developers

Calgary, Canada – May 5, 2008 (TSX:KHD): Venterre, a joint venture between Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. (“Canadian Hydro”) and TCI Renewables Limited. (“TCI Renewables”), announced today that it has been awarded two, 20-year Electricity Supply Contracts (the “PPAs”) from Hydro-Québec Distribution (“HQD”) for the supply of 116 MW from two wind projects. The power will come from the 66 MW New Richmond Wind Project (“New Richmond”) and the 50 MW St. Valentin Wind Project (“St. Valentin”).

New Richmond Wind Project

Located in the Regional County Municipality of Bonaventure in the Gaspé Peninsula, New Richmond will consist of 33, 2 MW, E82 Enercon wind turbines that will generate an estimated 178,700 MWh per year of renewable power. The anticipated capital cost of the project is $190 million. The target in-service date of this project is December 2012 and is subject to regulatory approvals, including approval from Le Regie de L’Energie, and financing.

St. Valentin Wind Project

Located in the Regional County Municipality of Haut-Richelieu, approximately 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal, St. Valentin will consist of 25, 2 MW E82 Enercon wind turbines that will generate an estimated 143,900 MWh per year of renewable power. The anticipated capital cost of the project is $160 million. The target in-service date of this project is December 2012 and is subject to regulatory approvals, including approval from Le Regie de L’Energie, and financing.

These PPA awards were the result of Venterre’s September 2007 submission to HQD’s October 2005 ‘Call for Tenders for Wind-Generated Electricity for a Total of 2,000 MW of Installed Capacity’. As the developer of the projects, TCI Renewables will continue to be the public interface for permits and approvals for the projects. As owner of the projects, Canadian Hydro will build and operate the projects. Financial terms of the joint venture are confidential.

As part of the PPA award for New Richmond, Canadian Hydro has agreed with HQD not to proceed with the up to 70 MW expansion of Le Nordais Wind Plant. Due to transmission line congestion in the Gaspé Peninsula, Canadian Hydro was given the choice by HQD to either accept the PPA for New Richmond or continue on with the potential expansion at Le Nordais. Based on analysis, Canadian Hydro determined it was most prudent to proceed with New Richmond, which also provides further diversification to Canadian Hydro’s wind asset portfolio in Québec.

“These contracts are significant achievements for Canadian Hydro and further reinforces our strategic entrance into Québec,” said John Keating, CEO of Canadian Hydro. “We commend Hydro-Québec Distribution and the government of Québec for the vision and foresight demonstrated in planning for the future electricity needs of all residents of the province and the important part that renewable energy plays in meeting these needs. We would also like to thank TCI Renewables for their insight and capability in making these projects a reality.”

“Success in this competitive environment is a great achievement for TCI Renewables as a recent entrant in the Canadian market,” said Brett O’Connor, Operations Director of TCI Renewables. “These contract awards are the result of the dedication and effort by our stakeholders, staff, and partners. We look forward to continuing to work with Canadian Hydro, local communities, landowners, and elected representatives in delivering the New Richmond and St. Valentin Wind Projects. These projects will bring significant economic benefits to the host communities and further establish Québec as an international leader in wind energy generation.”

About Canadian Hydro

Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. is committed to Building a Sustainable Future®. The Corporation is a developer, owner, and operator of 20 power generation facilities totaling net 364 MW in operation, 517 MW in and nearing construction, and 1,562 MW in development. The renewable generation portfolio is diversified across three technologies (water, wind, and biomass) in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec. This portfolio is unique in Canada as all facilities are certified, or slated for certification, under Environment Canada’s EcoLogoM Program.

The Toronto Stock Exchange has neither reviewed nor approved this press release.

Adelaide Open House – "A Great Success"

03 March 2008

TCI Renewables are extremely pleased with the attendance and feedback at the recent public information day (12/02/08) held in the Adelaide Metcalfe township hall. The public information day was held to inform local residents about the wind project proposal, answer questions from the public and gather feedback which could be incorporated into the project’s development. TCI Renewables is firmly committed to detailed consultation and this event marks the start of continuing dialogue.

Approximately one hundred people attended the event throughout the course of the day and TCIR were pleased to meet and talk with local; residents, politicians, business interests, media and even the County Planner came to learn more and offer input.

Adelaide Open House "I was impressed by the turn out and the feedback we received on the day. We had made efforts to display as much project information as we could and tried to take time to speak with everyone and I believe this was genuinely appreciated. I intend to maintain this openness with the public through regular updates and hope to have some further events throughout the year as the project progresses"

Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)

Although it is early in the consultative process, some residents did take time to complete questionnaires and there appears to be a lot of support for the project within the township. TCIR intends to build on this support and work closely with landowners to develop a project that is welcomed by the greater community.

TCIR welcomes all feedback and if anyone has any comments or would like additional information, they should contact Mark Gallagher the Development Manager for the project. TCI Renewables has set up a toll free number; 1888-842-1923 or you can contact Mark or leave a message on his cell at any time; 514-805-3243.

Environmental screening has started for the Adelaide project

05 February 2008

TCI Renewables is commencing an environmental screening for the proposed Adelaide Wind farm located in Middlesex County, Ontario. The project is being developed in response to the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s desire to procure 2500 MW of renewable power generation.

The generation capacity of the project will be between 50 – 100 MW. The project would involve the erection of wind turbines including temporary and permanent access roads, cabling, and other ancillary works.

The Adelaide Wind Farm is subject to the Environmental Screening Process for electricity projects as outlined in the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s “Guide to Environmental Assessment Requirements for Electricity Projects” (March 2001) and Ontario Regulation 116/01.

The first public meeting is planned for Tuesday 12 February 2008, from 12 - 3 pm and 5 – 8pm at the Adelaide-Metcalfe Municipal Office Rental Hall, 2340 Egremont Drive, Strathroy, Ontario.

All comments, questions, or information requests about the project may be directed to

A copy of the Notice of Commencement can be downloaded here.

Clean Energy Boost for Garvagh Area

24 January 2008

TCI Renewables, one of Northern Ireland’s independent wind power development companies, has announced plans to submit a planning application for a £6 million wind farm six miles south of Coleraine and four miles north of Garvagh in the Borough of Coleraine.

The proposed Lisnamuck Wind Farm would have three turbines and produce up to 6MW of clean, renewable energy, enough to power up to 3,300 homes.

Adam Johnstone, Development Manager for TCI Renewables said: "When built, this wind farm will provide more clean energy for Northern Ireland and will help play a vital role in the fight against climate change."

It will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of nearly 14,000 tonnes every year and will make a valuable contribution to helping us meet the Province’s renewable energy target of 12% by 2012 in line with the wider UK target of 20% by 2020.

The scheme represents just one of a 150MW portfolio of wind power projects TCI Renewables is developing throughout the Province.

"As well as harnessing wind power, we’re changing the way we generate energy in Northern Ireland by developing zero emission electricity which will play a key role in securing and safeguarding our energy for tomorrow", said Adam Johnstone.

Consultation with local, regional and provincial stakeholders has already begun and the company is holding a public information exhibition and open forum to hear local views on the proposed Lisnamuck Wind Farm.

This exhibition will be held at the Garvagh Community Building, Hampsey Hall, Level 2, 85 Main Street, Garvagh on 5th February from 1pm to 7pm. Purposely-designed information will be available for viewing, such as photomontages, project drawings and more environmental study details.

"We see this as a great opportunity for the community to learn more about the proposed Lisnamuck Wind Farm – to meet the project team, and find out more about wind energy in Northern Ireland", said Mr Johnstone.

Planning application submission at Newton Marsh caps a successful year for TCI Renewables

04 January 2008

TCI Renewables wind energy projects continue to go from strength to strength. In December 2007, the third planning application within a year was submitted on behalf of Anglian Water, driving their self generation energy programme.

Following a public consultation programme, an application for a 4.6 MW wind farm at the Newton Marsh Sewage Works near Tetney was made to East Lindsey District Council. The development will omprise two wind turbines within the 11 hectare site.

The annual generation expected from the proposed turbines will be in the region of 9.35 GWh of electricity. The expected output is in excess of three times the Sewage Work’s annual electricity consumption and will be equivalent to the approximate domestic needs of up to 2,000 homes.

TCI Renewables already have further developments planned for Anglian Water in 2008 and we look forward to another successful year for renewable energy.

First Minister visits TCI-R’s Dunmore exhibition

20 December 2007

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Dr Ian Paisley visited the TCI Renewable’s Dunmore Exhibition at the Radisson Roe Hotel in Limavady. Dr Paisley, who was visiting the hotel, expressed his general support for wind turbines saying that they were ‘definitely part of the future’ and that people should ‘embrace’ the technology. Dr Paisley was accompanied by East Londonderry MLA Gregory Campbell MP.

A planning application was submitted to Belfast Planning Service – Special Studies Unit on December 12, 2007, accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Statement. A Non-Technical Summary of the statement has also been submitted, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

The exhibition, which was held on October 29, was the final phase of the public consultation programme for the 24MW, eight-turbine wind farm development at Dunmore, six kilometres east of Limavady.

The presentation saw a good turn-out from the local community and council officials. The public response has been very positive with almost 80% of respondents to a questionnaire showing support for the Dunmore proposal.

Dunmore exhibition in Limavady Northern Ireland First Minister Dr Ian Paisley (far right) and East Londonderry MLA Gregory Campbell (second left) along with local councillors and Sarah Hayward and Gary Preston from the TCI Renewables team at the Dunmore exhibition in Limavady.

TCI Renewables submits planning for major renewable energy project

20 December 2007

TCI Renewables has submitted proposal plans for a 20-turbine wind farm with potential savings based on current figures of over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 production over 20 years. This makes it one of the biggest renewable energy project applications currently under review in Northern Ireland.

The proposed 60MW wind farm is located in the Townland of Brockaghboy, almost eight kilometres south of Garvagh in County Londonderry, and the submission follows an extensive and open public consultation programme.

An exhibition, held in the Glenullin Resource Centre in the village of Brockaghboy on November 14 and 15, attracted a good turn out from the community as well as local council officials. Questionnaires and supporting documents were given out at the exhibition. Completed returns indicate almost 98% of respondents in favour of the wind farm proposal as well as of wind energy in general.

It is envisaged that the local community will also benefit in other, more tangible ways from the construction of the wind farm. TCI-R Development Manager Gary Preston said, “It is our company policy to utilise locally-sourced materials, labour and construction resources wherever possible. We see this as a benefit to us as well as the local community”.

A planning application was submitted to Belfast Planning Service – Special Studies Unit on December 14, 2007, accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Statement. A Non-Technical Summary of the statement has also been submitted, a copy of which can be downloaded here.
A copy of the press release can be downloaded here.

TCI Renewables submit planning application to develop 4 wind turbines at Anglian Water’s Flag Fen Sewage Treatment Works

19 November 2007

Following two years of detailed investigation TCI Renewables are pleased to advise that a planning application has been submitted to Peterborough City Council to install 4 wind turbines at the Flag Fen sewage treatment works, to the East of Peterborough.

Once Peterborough City Council has registered the application, a process of consultation will be commenced leading to Peterborough City Council determining the application in the light of local and national guidelines and requirements.

In support of the application TCI Renewables have included a full Environmental Impact Assessment of the development, a summary of which is included for download on the Flag Fen project page of this site.

The application is a continuation of the ongoing partnership between TCI Renewables and Anglian Water Services. Anglian Water Services are seeking to produce renewable energy from wind turbines on their own property in line with their current strategy to maximise their self generation capability and contribute to the UK Government’s targeted reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

TCIR Arranges Site Visit to Operating Wind Farm

29 October 2007

In March 2007 TCIR invited local stakeholders from their Montérégie (Québec) project to attend a site visit at Maple Ridge wind farm in New York State. The purpose of the visit was to allow landowners, councillors, administrators and UPA members to experience an operating wind farm at firsthand and form their own opinions on the appropriateness of TCIR’s proposal for a 50MW project in the Monteregie region of Québec.

During the bus journey, a documentary about the development of wind energy in NY State was shown, followed by a tour of the Maple Ridge project. The visit was hosted by the operator of the wind farm (Horizon / PPM Energy).

Stephane Poirier (TCIR’s Land Agent for Québec) commented; ‘The site visit went extremely well and the feedback received was very good. The purpose of the trip was to enable local stakeholders to form their own opinions on the impact of a wind farm on farming practices, the landscape and local community involvement. The trip certainly accomplished these objectives and we look forward to hosting similar initiatives in the future.’

TCI Renewables, Montreal - Stake Holders
Montérégie stakeholders at Maple Ridge wind farm, Lowville N.Y.

TCIR Submits First Anglian Water Planning Submission

14 June 2007

TCIR is pleased to announce the submission of the first planning application for a single wind turbine located at the March Sewage Treatment Works. The submission follows the award by Anglian Water Services (AWS) of a contract to TCIR for the development, build and operate of wind turbines located at many of AWS’s water facilities. TCIR is currently working on a number of similar projects and anticipates submitting further planning applications over the coming months.

Richard Lill, TCIR’s Project Manager says; ‘The submission of the planning at March is a significant milestone in the progression of the Anglian Water Services contract from development towards operating assets providing low cost renewable energy to the UK’s largest geographically diverse water company. We look forward to further submissions in the coming months.’

When completed, the single turbine project is expected to generate enough power for 750 homes in addition to powering the treatment works, saving approximately 1,900 tonnes of CO2 per annum, or 38,000 tonnes over the typical 20 year life of a turbine.

TCIR Submits Projects into Hydro-Québec 2000MW RFP

24 September 2007

TCIR, in joint venture with a significant player in the Canadian renewable energy sector, has submitted two projects into Hydro-Québec Distribution’s 2000MW RFP for wind energy for delivery between 2010 and 2015. The joint venture, Venterre, was created specifically for the Québec projects. Further information about the projects can be viewed at

The submission of the projects follows TCIR’s Canadian subsidiary, Air Energy TCI Inc (AET), having been working closely with landowners, communities and municipalities since inception in the Province in early 2006. AET has an office in Montréal, from where it runs all of the company’s development projects across North America, including Ontario, New York State, Minnesota and British Columbia. The team in Montréal consists of a blend of experienced developers and local staff supplemented by local people engaged at each project location.

Brett O’Connor, TCIR’s Operations Director for North America says;‘We were extremely pleased with the projects submitted, they represented the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by a lot of people, including municipalities, landowners, members of the local community, our suppliers and partners. The Hydro-Québec RFP has turned out to contain a very international blend of participants and the submission of 7724MW represents a significant commercial challenge. AET is committed to continued development in Québec and continues to work closely with landowners, municipalities and other stakeholders to develop appropriate wind energy projects. We have established a very strong team in Montréal from where we run all of our North American projects. We look forward to playing an active role in the continued growth of the industry within Québec and beyond’.

Clondermot Wind Turbine - Application Validated

01 Mar 2007

TCI Renewables (TCIR) is pleased to announce the validation of its planning application for a single wind turbine project at Clondermot Hill on the outskirts of Derry City. TCIR is developing the project along with electricity suppliers Energia. It is intended that the energy generated will be used to help meet the needs of a large-scale energy user in the area - for example the nearby hospital.

The application is for one turbine only, with a potential to generate around 7GWh per annum - enough to supply around 1500 homes. The turbine will help save around 60,000 tonnes of CO2 during its operational life time. That is equivalent to the gas emissions from over 1000 cars each year for 20 years.

The application includes a detailed Environmental Statement which assesses the impact of the turbine on the landscape: including flora and fauna, archaeology, geology and hydrology as well as levels of noise, electro magnetic interference (EMI) and effects on aviation. The statement was compiled after 14 months of social and environmental studies – the conclusion of which has shown that the project will have a positive impact through emission reductions and through the supply of renewable-based electricity to a large local end user.

The application was submitted to the local Planning Authority in Derry City and the Environmental Statement can be viewed by appointment. TCIR has also made the information available to the public in the Derry City Council Offices (Strand Road) and the Central Library (Foyle Street).

The full environmental statement can also be purchased at Drumahoe Post Office or by contacting TCIR directly.

For further information please contact:

Mark Gallagher
Development Manager
TCI Renewables

02890 371122

For futher details on this site and other TCI Renewables projects please visit the projects page or contact us

Balloo Wind Turbine Gets Go-Ahead

29 Jan 2007

TCI Renewables are pleased to announce the planning approval of the Balloo Wind Turbine which is being developed to supply green electricity to a new waste transfer station being developed by North Down Borough Council (NDBC). The single wind turbine will stand up to 55m at the hub and will have a rated capacity of 850kW. The wind turbine will be situated in the Balloo industrial estate and is part of a larger environmental scheme which will also see a recycling and environmental education centre.

The construction cost of the wind turbine will be approximately £750,000. The turbine will be part financed using a grant of £500,000 received from the Central Energy Efficiency Fund and it is expected that the turbine will save the Council £150,000 per annum.

The turbine is predicted to save approximately 60,000 tonnes of CO2 in its operational lifetime by displacing fossil fuel derived electricity.

TCIR worked closely with various environmental and government organisations when preparing the detailed Environmental Assessment and also assisted the Council in its public consultation exercise with local residents, businesses and interest groups. TCIR were pleased to develop a renewable solution for the Council and look forward to the construction phase of the project.

"We are delighted for North Down Borough Council, they are a forward thinking organisation and we are pleased that we could help them achieve their renewable goals. This is an excellent project and I hope it sets an example to other public bodies and businesses in Northern Ireland. This project will save the Council a considerable sum of money and enable those funds to be used for other services. We are now aiming to develop similar schemes throughout Northern Ireland".

Andrew Dodge (Director), TCI Renewables

The turbine will generate sufficient electricity to meet all of the waste transfer station's needs and there are plans to transfer any surplus energy to other Council owned properties i.e. Leisure Centre to reduce electricity costs.

TCI Renewables were commissioned by NDBC to develop the wind turbine because of the Company's previous experience in the Antrim Area Hospital wind turbine project, which will shortly enter its second year of operation.

The procurement programme has commenced for the purchase of the wind turbine and it expected that the turbine will be operational within twelve months.

For futher details on this site and other TCI Renewables projects please visit the projects page or contact us

TCI Renewables opens Quebec office

20 June 2006

TCI Renewables, a subsidiary of the TCI Group, is pleased to announce the opening of it's Montreal office. The new Canadian venture formalises the work undertaken over the last twelve months in identifying several sites for submission into the Hydro Quebec April 2007 RFP for 2000MW of wind energy. The potential sites are currently being progressed through the development process, involving public consultation, wind resource measurement etc. TCI Renewables is working closely with local partners Kwattroe and Helimax in the site identification and evaluation process.

The company also plans to progress several merchant wind energy schemes across the region, building on the success enjoyed in the UK market, where it holds an exclusive contract with Anglian Water Services (AWS) for the development of wind turbines on AWS' landholding of 420 sites.

Brett O'Connor, UK Operations Director for TCI Renewables Canada said:

"Opening our Canadian office represents an excellent opportunity for TCI Renewables to be a significant player in the rapidly expanding Canadian market. From our base in Montreal we will be exploring a range of opportunities across Quebec, the Maritimes, Ontario and the Eastern US.".

Site prospecting, public consultations and partnership relationships will be lead by Rene Rysbergen (Business Development Director), who has over five years experience of the wind energy industry including development, construction, operations and maintenance across the UK, Eire and the rest of Europe. For further information regarding TCI Renewables site prospecting or partnership activities please contact us

TCI hoping to raise Tempo

09 Apr 2006

TCI Renewables have just successfully finalised legal negotiations with landowners for another single turbine project in Tempo, Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland. The site has been under environmental investigation over the last year and a met mast has been in situ for nearly six months monitoring the on-site wind regime.

All works to date have been very positive and it is expected that the site will prove suitable for a 3MW turbine development. Detailed environmental impact works are on-going and TCI Renewables aim to submit an application early into 2007.

In trying to maximise local benefits TCI Renewables are in discussions with nearby intensive energy users who can realise their own social and environmental objectives by utilising the energy generated by the turbine. This relationship has economic benefits too as businesses can usually make savings on current energy usage and secure stable electricity prices into the next decade.

"Merchant Wind Projects are 'Win-Win' developments. On the one hand businesses can make significant savings on energy bills and stabilise these energy costs going forward and the other hand the turbine has a long-term customer in place, which helps finance the project and give investors confidence."

"Today's signing is the first step in what will hopefully be another successful energy project for TCI, local business and the landowner who will enjoy a steady income from what is marginal agricultural land."

Andrew Dodge (Finance Director).

For further information please contact us

Introducing TCI Renewables

18 May 2005

TCI Group is pleased to announce the creation of its renewable energy division, TCI Renewables Ltd. The company has been formed to focus initially on wind farm development, construction and ownership. TCI Renewables currently has a number of projects in development throughout the UK and is also in final negotiations with several large utility companies regarding deployment of wind turbines at their industrial facilities. The company has been staffed with industry experienced poject developers with extensive experience in the financing, technical appraisal and development of wind farms in the UK and Ireland.

TCI Renewables will also be undertaking biomass project development, construction and ownership and is currently working on several opportunities. TCI Renewables has staff based at Oxford, Belfast, Edinburgh and Sydney Australia and would be keen to hear from landowners or industrial manufacturers who would be interested in hosting wind turbines or biomass plants on their land.

The consulting arm of TCI Renewables is resourced with industry experienced energy strategists that can advise clients on energy efficiency and optimisation. The company has particular experience within process engineering environments (water companies, food and drink manufacturers etc). Other areas of work currently being undertaken by TCI Renewables involve the development of a renewable powered offgrid power solution to small remote facilities (ie radio base stations, pumping stations, etc).

TCI has been active within the renewable energy industry for over three years and was quick to identify the overlap of the skills gained by Acquiring, Designing and Construction mobile phone networks. Brett O'Connor, TCI UK Operations Director commented:

"The renewable energy industry represents a fantastic opportunity for TCI Group to expand the utilisation of its technology deployment skills focussed on the convergence of technology and the built environment. The creation of TCI Renewables marks TCI Group's commitment to participation in the rapidly expanding renewables industry which is being driven in the UK to deliver against the Kyoto Protoco. TCI Renewables has already developed a reputation for providing pragmatic commercially viable solutions to the challenges of reducing carbon dioxide emissions".

For further information please contact us

Antrim on-line two months ahead of schedule

8 March 2005

TCI is pleased to announce the commissioning and handover of the Vestas 660kW wind turbine to assist the base load requirements at Antrim Area Hospital. The project has been delivered on budget and 11 weeks ahead of the contracted programme. TCI was engaged by United Hospital Trust to undertake detailed planning consent, civil design, HV electrical alterations, construction, turbine procurement, erection and commissioning. The turbine is located adjacent to the existing coal fuelled boiler house and is capable of supporting up to two thirds of the hospitals base load requirement during the day and up to 100% of its base load in the evening. The scope of TCI's work involved a significant amount of HV re-engineering within the hospital switchroom requiring a planned outage with provision of back-up generators.

Alistair Donaldson Support Services Manager for the Antrim Hospital and the United Hospitals group commented:

"TCI did an excellent job in co-ordinating the many different aspects of the project, including their own resources and suppliers, Vestas, the hospitals facilities team and external consultants. This is a landmark project and the first of its kind at any hospital anywhere in the UK or Europe as far as we are aware and proves that renewable technology can be an appropriate component of a long term sustainable energy strategy for organisations like United Hospitals Trust. Our decision to award the contract to TCI has proved to have been an excellent choice and has achieved the project being delivered on budget well ahead of programme to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees within the United Hospitals Group"

Brett O'Connor, TCI's UK Operations Director said:

"This has been an excellent project for TCI and further secures the company's position as being a market leader in the provision of onsite renewable solutions to large utility or industrial users, across the UK, Europe and Australia. Our local team of suppliers and Vestas, managed by Peter Craig our Project Manager, have worked extremely well together to achieve completion on budget and ahead of programme."

For further information on how TCI can assist with the development of a renewables solution for your requirements please contact Brett O'Connor, UK Operations Director, T 01865 261 300, or contact us

Powering Antrim Hospital

11 January 2005

The erection of the wind turbine, to provide base load requirements to Antrim Hospital, is scheduled for February '05. TCI were awarded the design and construct project (including obtaining detailed planning consent) to supply and install a 660kW Vestas wind turbine in May '04.