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Common Barn Wind Farm Awarded CfD in First Allocation Round

26 February 2015

We are pleased to announce that our Common Barn windfarm project has today been awarded a Contract for Difference (CfD) contract. The administered strike price is £82.50 per megawatt hour (MWHR) and will be indexed in accordance with CPI from 2012. The CfD contract will be for a duration of 15 years with a target commissioning window commencing in September 2018. The project gained planning consent in January 2013 and the target commissioning window relates to a delay in the project being able to connect to the UK Power Networks Ltd local distribution network. We will be seeking to ascertain whether an improvement can be made to enable an earlier connection. Based on the target commissioning window we currently envisage commencing construction in 2017 or early 2018.

Brett O’Connor, Co-Founder and Director, said "I recognised the importance of being an early mover and lead a robust participation in the first CfD allocation round. We congratulate National Grid (the CfD Delivery Body) and the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) for having run a clear, professional and robust process enabling a good level of competition. The transition to a competitive market based mechanism will accelerate transitioning the UK renewable energy market to a lower cost of energy environment, thus ensuring a solid long-term future for the sector*. We look forward to working with the Low Carbon Contracting Company (LCCC), the Government body established to administer and manage CfD contracts".

In the near term, we will be undertaking detailed design and procurement activities and will make regular updates as this process continues. In the meantime should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details provided.

* As of the end of 2014, the total onshore generating capacity in UK provides around 17 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually, equivalent to the electricity consumption in excess of 4 million homes. Industry projections see a total of 12-14GW installed by 2020, by which point onshore wind will supply over 10 per cent of the UK’s total electricity annually. Employment growth in the sector has been substantial since numbers were first sourced in 2008 and now stands at around 19,000 full time employees, with the potential for this number to almost double by the early part of the next decade.
(Source: RenewableUK)

The Conservatives are deciding wind farm applications on the basis of their appearance. This is misguided

11 June 2014 - The Independent

For a party committed to localism, the Conservatives are getting remarkably good at prompting councils to follow their lead. Senior ministers – from David Cameron down – have made their opposition to new onshore turbines sparklingly clear in recent months. “We now have enough bill payer-funded onshore wind in the pipeline to meet our renewable energy commitments and there’s no requirement for any more,” said Michael Fallon, the energy minister, in April. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has set himself up as Lord of the Wind Farms, personally rejecting the vast majority of proposed schemes that have crossed his desk. Tory sources have let it be known that the Prime Minister is “of one mind” with the boisterous wind power opponents on his back benches, and is inclined to cut government support for onshore sites.


Opinion poll shows 70% would be happy to have a wind farm built in their local area

October 2013

An independent opinion poll commissioned by the Mail on Sunday shows that 70% of people surveyed backed wind farms being built near them. Asked the question “Which of the following statements is closest to your opinion: (a) I would be happy to have a wind farm built in my local area (b) I would not be happy to have a wind farm built in my local area”, 70.1% of respondents selected the first option. If forced to choose between fracking and a wind farm in their local area, 68.1% said they would back a wind farm and just 31.9% a fracking plant. To see the results of the poll, please click here.

IPCC climate report: humans 'dominant cause' of warming

27 September 2013

A landmark report says scientists are 95% certain that humans are the "dominant cause" of global warming since the 1950s.


Analysis: The media lays into 'rip-off' wind

4 September 2013

Headlines regarding windfarms being paid constraint payments to stop generating are becoming more and more common. However, with only 4 per cent of such payments going to wind energy, are such stories misleading?


Xcel Energy's proposed wind additions a 'home run' for customers

01 August 2013

Prompted by "phenomenal" prices, Xcel Energy Inc. is asking regulators in a handful of states to approve the acquisition of up to 2,000 MW of additional wind capacity, a move that would be "a home run" for Xcel Energy customers, who could see as much as $1 billion in long-term savings from avoided fuel costs, Xcel Energy Chairman, President and CEO Benjamin Fowke III said during an Aug. 1 earnings call.


Some facts about wind energy

18 June 2013

The Sunday Telegraph suggested that each job in the British wind industry was subsidised at a cost of £100,000 to consumers last year, but is this right?


Renewable energy to save consumers up to £100 billion

23 May 2013

RenewableUK says an official report on the dangers of failing to invest in renewable energy represents a timely call for the Government to set clear long-term policies to boost the deployment of wind, wave and tidal power. The independent and highly authoritative study makes it clear that hard-pressed British consumers’ bills have shot up due to the UK’s dependence on imports of fossil fuels, and it therefore recommends measures to encourage investment in domestic low-carbon sources to bring the cost of electricity under control.



TCI Wind Farm gets green light in record time under tough planning targets

29 April 2013

An ambitious multi million pound wind farm is the first major project to get the go-ahead under stringent new Northern Ireland planning targets aimed at boosting the economy and driving down energy costs.

TCI Renewables’ plan for a £15.6 million, five turbine wind farm at Upper Ballyrogan near Garvagh in Co Londonderry was passed at the monthly meeting of Coleraine Borough Council in March followed by formal determination in April by Northern Ireland specialist Strategic Projects Division of the DOE Planning Service for Northern Ireland.

It took just six months for the application to be recommended for approval by the Planning Authority, compared to the traditional 18 to 24 month minimum and following a requested deferment by Coleraine Borough Council in December 2012 for a Private Office Meeting the application was subsequently approved at the March meeting of the Planning Committee. The whole process took just 9 months from submission to approval which is the fastest determination for any wind farm project in Northern Ireland. This was of course aided by rigorous pre-consultation and thorough in-house development works leading to a 100% policy compliant project to the satisfaction of all Statutory and non-Statutory Consultees.

Stormont recently brought in tough new targets designed to streamline the planning process and help stimulate the economy.

This is the first wind farm development to be passed under a key objective of the Programme for Government to process 60% of all large scale planning applications within six months of submission in 2012, rising to 90% by 2015

TCIR Director, Peter Craig said the streamlining of the planning meant that work on renewable energy projects could begin much sooner, which will help the Executive achieve its targets.

Mr Craig said: “We are delighted at the speed and efficiency of this planning application. It usually takes a minimum of 18 to 24 months for planning to be granted for a wind farm development so this will enable us to move forward much sooner than anticipated, provided that N. Ireland’s consenting process for critical grid infrastructure follows suit”.

“The commitment in the Programme for Government to speed up the planning process will bring substantial economic and environmental benefits to Northern Ireland and help boost the construction industry.”

Mr Craig added that the development would bring 30 much needed jobs to the recession-hit North West during the anticipated construction period of between nine and 12 months.

He said: “More than £2m will be invested in labour, materials, plant hire and auxiliary equipment during the construction of this project. All of this will benefit local companies and boost the local economy.

“When it is operational, the wind farm will yield almost £200,000 per year in rates. In addition, we will establish a dedicated community fund which will help fund worthy projects in the area.”

Construction on the site will proceed once Northern Ireland Electricity connects the site to the national grid. It is estimated that this new wind farm, which has a lifespan of 25 years, will generate enough electricity to power more than 6,000 homes per year and save around 305,000 tonnes of CO2 during its lifetime.

During the development and planning process, the company carried out an 18 month on-site environmental assessment to ensure it was fully compliant with DOE planning policy. More than 30 statutory bodies were consulted throughout this period.

TCI Renewables, which was established in 2005, is one of the top independent companies developing wind farms in Northern Ireland. It currently has more than 120 Megawatts of projects with planning permission and has already completed 15 developments throughout Northern Ireland.

This latest project to receive approval will see the erection of five wind turbines of up to 2.3MW offering a total wind farm capacity of 11.5MW.

National Grid confirms UK wind energy generation breaks new record

7 November 2012

A new record for the maximum output from wind generation has been achieved, the energy system operators National Grid confirmed today. At 3pm yesterday afternoon, the half hourly average for metered wind generation was 4199 MW. This represented 9.3% of the total demand at the time.


It's a myth that wind turbines don't reduce carbon emissions

26 September 2012

The assertion that wind turbines don't reduce carbon emissions is a myth, according to conclusive statistical data obtained from National Grid and analysed in the Guardian.


Onshore wind energy: what are the pros and cons?

25 September 2012

Onshore wind plays a leading role in the generation of renewable electricity in the UK. In 2010, it generated around 7TWh – more than a quarter of the electricity provided by British renewables at that time and enough to save six million tonnes of CO2, according to government estimates.



Two projects, totalling 191 MW, originated by TCI currently in construction in Canada

September 2012


TCI is pleased to announce that two projects, totalling 191 MW, originated by the company in 2006 in Canada are now under construction. Collectively therefore, TCI’s development activities has given rise to capital investments totalling over CAD$450 million, injecting tens of millions into local economies (by way of regional manufacturing, payments to landowners and host communities, construction contracts etc). The Project will also contribute between $17 - 21 million dollars locally over the lifetime of the project, through a PILOT scheme and local landowner payments.

A recent study by the Natural Resources Defence Council, in the United States, shows that 4.3 jobs are created for every MW of wind energy deployed, meaning 821 direct and indirect jobs have resulted from these two projects alone1. The Project would see the installation of 44, GE 1.6MW wind turbines on the hills surrounding the County Landfill.

New Richmond, 66 MW, Quebec
The first to start construction was the 66 MW New Richmond Project, located on forested mountainous terrain in the Gaspésie region of Quebec. TCI originated the project in 2006 in response to the Hydro Quebec 2,000 MW Call For Tenders (CFT) announced in 2005 with bids returned in September 2007. The New Richmond Project was awarded a 20 year contract with Hydro Quebec Distribution in May 2008, at which time TCI partnered with Canadian Hydro Developers (now an entirely owned subsidiary of TransAlta – Canada’s largest publicly traded power generator and marketer of electricity and renewable energy). TCI worked with TransAlta to obtain all required permits and environmental permits for the project. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012. At the current time TCI is working on a second phase of 66 MW located to the Northeast of the initial wind turbines now under construction.

98m Wind Tower and 2 MW Nacelle Erected at New Richmond (66 MW), Quebec

ENERCON E-82 2 MW Direct Drive Wind Turbine nacelle prior to being craned onto 98m tower

1 -

Summerhaven, 125 MW, Ontario
TCI originated the Summerhaven project in 2006 in expectation of the Ontario Power Authority continuing to procure energy from larger wind energy projects over the proceeding years. At the time, such a strategy was counter to projects being initiated by most other wind developers that were focussed on the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) sub 10 MW standard offer tariff that was in place at that time. TCI’s strategy was validated in 2009 with the announcement by the Ontario Government of the Green Energy Act (GEA). The GEA established a long-term Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) programme that applied to larger projects and as a result, the Summerhaven project was the largest project to receive large FIT contract in the first round of contract awards in May 2010. TCI had substantially progressed the project with land acquisition, wind measurement and analysis, ecology and environmental work etc prior to entering a partnership with NextEra Canada in late 2009. TCI continued to work with NextEra Canada to obtain all required environmental approvals to enable the Summerhaven project to commence construction. The project is located on the North shore of Lake Erie adjacent to an existing 2,000 MW coal plant,. Preliminary construction of the point of interconnection and staging area commenced in late summer 2012 and the project is expected to achieve commercial operation in mid 2013. The project will consist of 56 Siemens 2.2MW 101 wind turbines.

Brett O’Connor, TCI’s Operations Director for North America stated;
TCI is extremely pleased with achieving this substantial milestone, which proves that a small group of dedicated professionals can participate and make a mark in the wind energy industry. We have achieved what many said could not be done by a small privately owned company entering the North American renewables sector at a time when it was already becoming reasonably well established and dominated by larger entities with access to greater financial and human resource. The team in North America is focussed in continuing this ‘out of class’ performance as we progress an advanced development pipeline of projects in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Quebec and Ontario with earlier stage activity underway in California and the NorthEast US.


Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Crown City Wind Energy Project Submitted to Legislators for Review

Cortland, NY, September 20, 2012


Air Energy TCI Inc (TCI) submitted its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in support of the 72MW Crown City Wind Energy Project (the "Project") to the Lead Agency (Cortland County Legislature) on Monday 17th September 2012. The Project is expected to generate enough clean and renewable electricity to power 30,000 New York homes1.

The DEIS contains detailed information and discusses the impacts, mitigations and benefits of the Project. The DEIS is now with the County Legislature for review and it is expected that they will release this for wider public review before the end of September.

A public Scoping process was conducted to determine the content of the DEIS prior to submission such that the document addresses local concerns and issues, that are relevant to the requirements of SEQRA. Prior to this, TCI had undertaken three public open houses and also undertook a door-to-door information drop across the Project area, during summer 2012, whereby over 450 homes were visited and provided with Project information.

Approval of the Draft EIS by the County Legislature, for public review marks the beginning of the public comment period and is not approval of the Project. The document will also be released to the relevant agencies (Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, involved Town Boards etc.) for comment at this time. It is anticipated that the County Legislature will also schedule a public hearing to provide an additional forum for the public to provide comment on the DEIS.

Gareth McDonald, Development Manager for TCI stated;
'submission of the DEIS is a big personal milestone that results from my five year involvement in developing the Crown City Wind Project on behalf of TCI. During that time I have had the pleasure to get to know many landowners, residents and elected representatives and I look forward to working with them, the local community and other stakeholders as we progress towards the Final EIS over the next 6 - 12 months, and beyond that to the realisation of a project that will contribute to reducing New York states' consumption of fossil fuel'

As soon as the DEIS has been released, hard copies will be made available locally and electronically on TCI's website (

Benjamin Brazell, Principal at edr Environment, stated;
'edr is pleased to produce the DEIS for TCI for the Crown City project, particularly given it is located close to our offices in Syracuse. Of the dozens of DEIS documents edr has produced for wind energy projects located in NY State over the last 10 plus years, the DEIS submitted to the Cortland County Legislature, is among the most detailed and all-encompassing DEIS’s we have produced to date'.

A recent study by the Natural Resources Defence Council shows that 4.3 jobs are created for every MW of wind energy deployed, meaning 305 direct and indirect jobs would result from the Crown City Wind Project2. The Project would see the installation of 44, GE 1.6MW wind turbines on the hills surrounding the County Landfill. The Project will also contribute between $17 - 21 million dollars locally over the lifetime of the project, through a PILOT scheme and local landowner payments.

TCI is an experienced developer across the UK, Canada and US. Currently 191MW of wind projects originated by TCI are under construction in Canada. A pipeline of a further 2,000MW is currently in various stages of development across the US, Canada and the UK.
The Crown City Wind Energy Project is currently being developed for an anticipated 2014 construction schedule.

Brett O’Connor, TCI’s Operations Director for North America, stated;
'We have heard the community's desire to learn more about the proposed project and believe that the DEIS will provide a lot of answers and a platform for dialogue going forward. Whilst we have drafted the DEIS to be compliant with the requirements as set out in the final Scope and relevant to SEQRA we have also addressed questions regarding TCI's business model and track record which is, rightly so, important to the local community'


Busting the Myths on Wind Energy

17 August 2012

RenewableUK's Maria McCaffery takes issue with the latest misconceptions found in anti-wind energy reports.


Government survey confirms strong public support for renewable energy

9 July 2012

DECC has published a report as part of a new initiative to track consumer attitudes and understanding of the department's main business priorities (9 July 2012). The report is based on data collected during face-to-face interviews in households in the UK.

The survey results show strong support for renewable energy, with 66% of respondents supporting onshore wind and only 12% opposing it. The report and data sheet are available to download from

New review of evidence about onshore wind power to dispel myths for MPs

7 May 2012

Onshore wind power clearly has a role in supplying the UK’s future electricity needs despite a number of myths about its costs and reliability, according to a new report by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy published today (11 June 2012).

The new policy brief on ‘The case for and against onshore wind energy in the UK’ reviews the current evidence about the extent to which it can contribute to future electricity generation, whether there are technological constraints, what the economic costs are, and what the environmental impacts might be.

It concludes that the challenges posed by the intermittency of energy supplied by wind farms are often exaggerated, but that the local environmental impacts of wind turbines need to be properly considered in planning decisions.
Download full report

New research proves economic benefits of onshore wind

7 May 2012

  • Joint industry/DECC report shows economic benefits at all levels
  • Onshore wind industry provided around 8,600 jobs and was worth £548m to the UK economy in 2011
  • 1,100 jobs and £84m Gross Value Added at local level
  • Report predicts growing jobs, investment and UK content up to 2020

The benefits of onshore wind to both local economies and to UK PLC has been revealed by findings of a report published today by RenewableUK and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Summerhaven Project, Ontario

24 April 2012

The 125 MW Summerhaven project located in Ontario (previously known as Nanticoke) has gained its Renewable Energy Approval (REA) from the Ontario Ministry of Environment. The project was the recipient of the largest Ontario Power Authority Launch Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Contract in April 2010. TCI originated the project in 2006 and developed the project substantially undertaking a wind yield analysis, substantial land acquisition (c. 22,000 acres), commencing ecology, environmental and bird and bat surveys before partnering with NextEra Energy Canada Inc (NEC) in late 2009. TCI remained responsible for managing the obtainment of the REA consent. NEC are scheduled to commence construction by early 2013 and will consist of 56 Siemens 101 wind turbines.

Brett O'Connor, Operations Director for North America commented:
'TCI is extremely pleased to achieve the significant milestone of developing a project from greenfield through to achieving REA consent. The TCI team has worked extremely well with NEC’s development team to ensure a successful outcome.'

Majority in UK accept wind turbines on landscape poll

19 April 2012

A majority of British people accept the look of wind turbines on the landscape and around two thirds favour wind power as an energy source, a sample of over 1,000 adults surveyed across the United Kingdom showed.

Windfarms do not cause long-term damage to bird populations, study finds

12 April 2012

The study by conservationists into the impacts on 10 of the key species of British upland bird, including several suffering serious population declines, concluded that a large majority of species can co-exist or thrive with windfarms once they are operating.

Windfarms can be positive for landscape

21 March 2012

Andrew Thin, chair of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), told Holyrood's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee that turbines can have both "positive and negative" impacts on the environment.

He said: "We have evidence that wind farms can be positive for certain species and, from some people's point of view, a well-designed wind farm can be positive in the landscape in aesthetic terms."

Controversial green energy report 'very, very poor', says government economist

5 March 2012

Report by AF Consult on renewable energy 'flawed' says government, as sponsor KMPG walks away from its findings.

The government and renewable energy businesses have slammed the findings of a controversial report that claimed 2020 carbon reduction targets could be achieved more cost effectively by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations instead of wind farms.

Debate whether windfarms are ugly but not their efficiency, says Lord Turner

27 February 2012

Government adviser rejects claims that wind is too intermittent and cannot cut emissions.

Claims that windfarms cannot reduce carbon emissions are "rubbish" and result from critics ignoring the facts and "believing what they want to believe", according to Lord (Adair) Turner, chairman of the government's official independent advisers, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

KPMG refuses to publish controversial green energy report

07 February 2012

KPMG is refusing to publish the full findings of a controversial study examining the cost of the government's green energy policies, which was originally used as a basis for a series of media reports attacking the cost of renewable energy.

Renewables bring £2.5bn boost to economy

29 December 2011

Latest research from DECC shows that so far this financial year, companies have announced plans for almost £2.5billion worth of investment in renewable energy projects in the UK, with the potential to create almost 12,000 jobs across the country.

RSPB calls for a renewables revolution

22 November 2011

The RSPB comes out in favour of wind farms and states that it strongly supports the UK and European commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and furthermore that meeting these commitments requires rapid deployment of low carbon technologies, and particularly renewable energy.

Renewable industry slams flawed KPMG energy report

7 November 2011

  • Gas prices have driven fuel bills up, not renewables
  • Wind costs make up less than 1% of average household fuel bills
  • Only two new nuclear plants at most likely to be operational by 2020
  • KPMG report fails to consider the whole cost of new power plants

RenewableUK, the country's largest renewable energy trade association, has strongly criticised the flawed energy report "Thinking About The Affordable" due to be published by the accountants KPMG on Tuesday. The report incorrectly claims that Britain can meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations. It also states, misleadingly, that this would be cheaper than relying on renewable energy sources such as wind.

White Pine Wind Energy Centre Progresses to Development Stage

27 October 2011

Having contracted over 6000 acres of land under option agreement and having completed all site feasibility analyses with positive results, TCI Renewables is preparing to take the White Pine Wind Energy Centre forward to the next stage of development.

Currently the transmission area known as 'West of London' is capacity constrained, but with real plans now on the table, to both upgrade the existing transmission lines and add a new transmission line in the London to Sarnia corridor, TCIR is confident that the project will progress.

The two transmission projects are being completed to allow up to 1,500MW of renewables to be added to the grid with a target completion date for 2014 for the upgrade and 2017 for the new line.

"We’ve been developing the White Pine Wind Farm for a few years, having already been active in the greater area with our Adelaide and Churchill projects. The commitment to developing these transmission lines is great news and we’re focused on taking the White Pine project to the next level"
Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)

Environmental assessment and project design will now commence for this project, with an aim to having a construction date scheduled to coincide with the planned transmission upgrades.


12 October 2011

TCI Renewables' staff has just returned from a whirlwind tour of the Great Lakes region of the US during which they completed four public Open House information sessions. Four members from TCI's Montreal office, (North American Headquarters), travelled to Michigan, Ohio and New York to complete the unprecedented road show.

Route of TCI Renewables' 2011 Open House Road Show

The Open House sessions were scheduled from 3rd – 6th October to provide information about the Company; Wind Energy basics; Project specific Environmental Studies and the Development Process to the local host communities of TCI Renewables' proposed wind energy projects.

The first stop was Michigan for TCI's 80MW Tupper Lake Wind Energy Project which is being developed for a possible 2012 construction. The session was well attended with over 150 community members in attendance. The TCI team were supported by environmental consultants Golder Associates who are undertaking the environmental work for the project. The local community were excited to see the proposed layout of wind turbines and ancillary infrastructure displayed on maps of their local area. Landowners and community members alike welcomed the project. The next stages in the development will see TCI continuing with bird surveys, consulting with landowners regarding the detailed design of access roads and cabling, submission of a Michigan Tall Structure permit application by December 2011and undertaking a subsequent public open house early in 2012.

"Great for the local economy and general population" said one local couple

Next stop was Arcadia Community Center, Arcadia, OH where information regarding TCI's proposed Hancock-Seneca Wind Energy Center was displayed to local residents. Experts from TCI's environmental consultants, Ecology & Environment Inc, were on hand to assist with the session and answer questions related to the environmental work completed to date. TCI's development team were challenged well by the local community members, community decision-makers and Township Trustees on a range of issues including remediation of agricultural land after project completion, property taxes and potential impact to wildlife.

Lykens Community Hall, (Lykens, OH) was host to the Crawford Wind Energy Center Open House information session on Wednesday 5th October. From 5-8pm local members of the Board of Trustees, community leaders, landowners and general public attended the open house to receive information about the proposed project and its development process. The project plans were well received by landowners and community members alike.

TCI Renewables Information panel

The final session of TCI's five day road show was held at McGraw Community Center, McGraw, NY to inform the public about the development of Crown City Wind Energy Center. Interested local citizens, Cortland County Legislators, Town board members and members of the press descended on the hall on Thursday evening to learn about the progress of the wind project. The general public were excited to see development in the area, "Very supportive! So glad to see this, I hope this happens" said one attendee. The development team, assisted by experts from project environmental consultants Ecology & Environment Inc., fielded questions on a range of topics including land use, local wildlife, sound and compatibility of wind energy production with agricultural practices in the area.

TCI's Open House Road Show Team – (L-R) Brett O'Connor, Rory Cantwell, Gareth McDonald and Huw Roberts.

The overwhelming majority of feedback from project specific comment forms collected on each evening was positive, with all projects receiving over 80% approval by those completing questionnaires. However, some concerns were raised with regard to visual aesthetics, sound level and real estate impacts. The open house format is designed to create an environment conducive to addressing specific concerns and it is anticipated that all concerns will be addressed during the development process through on-going consultation with local communities, the continuation of good practice paired with continued analysis and development of the layout design criteria.

The TCI Renewables team were on hand to answer questions and address concerns at each public Open House

For further information about each of our projects please contact the development team at 1-888-842-1923 or email

Please follow the links below for the individual project pages:

Summerhaven Renewable Energy Approval (REA) application - Deemed Complete

3 September 2011

The Ministry of Environment confirmed on 2nd September 2011, that the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) application that was filed for the Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre on June 9th was complete and will now begin the next phase of the process, the technical review stage.

The Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre is a Class 4 Wind Facility and if approved would contain 58 wind turbine generators for a total generation capacity of 128.82MW.

The Summerhaven Wind Project was originated by TCI Renewables (TCIR) in 2006 having identified the Nanticoke area as an ideal location for a wind generation project with; a strong wind resource, available transmission capacity and a suitable open landscape for hosting wind turbines. After developing the project independently, TCIR partnered with NextEra Energy Resources Canada in November 2009 in order for the project to be bid into the Ontario Power Authority's Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program 'Launch Period'. At 125MW, the project was awarded the largest on-shore FIT contract in the Province in the first round of contract awards in April 2010.

As per regulations under O/Reg 359/09, notice that the application has been deemed complete, was advertised locally and will be posted on the Environmental Registry (EBR) for public comment, for a period of 60 days, until the 1st November 2011. The EBR reference number for the project is; 011-4584.

Notice of posting to the environmental registry

Public consultation is an important part of the approval process and anyone with any comments are encouraged to visit the EBR listing

For access to all project documentation you can visit the project website and select 'Summerhaven Project' on the bottom left of the homepage. Here you will find links to all reports and relevant information for this project.

Hard copies of the reports are also available for public review at the Haldimand County Offices, 45 Munsee North, Cayuga, ON.

Written comments regarding this project can also be sent to;

Kristina Rudzki (Senior Project Evaluator)
Ministry of the Environment, Operations Division
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West
Floor 12A,
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1L5

With the MOE providing a six month service guarantee for the technical review process, it is expected that this project will achieve approval by the 2nd February 2012, with construction beginning later in the year. All comments and feedback are welcomed during the 60 day REA consultation period.

TCI Renewables Progresses Community Engagement in Michigan, Ohio and New York

September 2011

TCI Renewable's is holding a series of community open houses, related to its Midwest and New York development projects, during week commencing 3rd October 2011. The development team will start the week in Michigan and, via Ohio, will end the week in New York. The events are scheduled as summarised below:

The TCI Renewables development team will be available to answer questions and inform local residents about the nature of the proposed development and will be eager to receive feedback regarding the proposed projects. Information regarding the specific project will be available, including indicative photomontages, drawings highlighting the areas being studied for the placement of wind turbines, together with general background information on wind energy. Light refreshments will be available and the first 50 folk to fill-in a feedback form will be provided with a free T-Shirt. We look forward to seeing you at one of the events. Should you not be able to attend, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, the appropriate contact details for the Development Manager for each project is available at the bottom of each of the project summaries on this website.

Press Release:

66MW New Richmond Wind Project Commences Construction

April 2011

TCI Renewables achieved a substantial milestone in the development of its North American business with the commencement of construction of the 66MW New Richmond Wind Project, located in the Gaspe region of Quebec. The New Richmond project was the first project prospected in North America by TCI Renewables prior to establishing a North American presence in Montreal in 2006. The project will be owned and operated by TRANSALTA of Calgary in accordance with a development agreement executed between TCI Renewables and Canadian Hydro Developers (taken over by Transalta in 2009) upon the project gaining a PPA from Hydro Quebec Distribution in May 2008, pursuant to its 2000MW RFP which saw over 7,700MW of bids many leading independent power producers. The project consists of 33 Enercon wind turbines with a hub height of 98m.

Brett O’Connor, Co-Founder of TCI Renewables and Director responsible for North America commented:
'The progression to construction of the New Richmond Wind Project is the culmination of over five years hard work by the local TCI team working effectively with our strategic partner, local elected officials and community to bring this project to a reality. The construction period will be sequenced to provide for a December 2012 commissioning in accordance with the terms of the PPA with Hydro Quebec Distribution. The first wind turbine towers are schedule for erection in the Fall of 2011 with construction halted over the winter period'


2010: Record Year for TCI Renewables

Friday, 25 February 2011


2010 saw TCI Renewables (TCI) record an unprecedented level of success in its United Kingdom and North American wind development businesses. The success demonstrated the strength of the TCI business model, further consolidates its financial position and continues to demonstrate the depth of TCI's core expertise in site selection, development, environmental permitting, community consultation, and commercialising wind project opportunities across multiple jurisdictions.

TCI's 2010 achievements include:

United Kingdom

  • Securing seven Northern Ireland planning permissions for 52MW, comprising two 21MW projects on appeal at both Dunmore and Pigeon Top and five single turbine projects. TCI is currently working with Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) to secure committed Grid offers for Dunmore and Pigeon Top;
  • TCI is working with the Northern Ireland Planning Department on over 60MW of additional windfarms including, if approved, one of Northern Ireland's largest windfarm applications;
  • Further Northern Ireland planning submissions totalling 15MW are targeted for early 2011; and
  • In Great Britain, after a successful 2009, TCI is engaged in a planning appeal on its Upper Vaunces windfarm in Norfolk and planning submissions totalling 60MW are targeted for 2011.

North America

  • TCI confirmed its position as the partner of choice for substantial asset owners having concluded joint development agreements with the number one asset owner in the USA (NextEra Energy Resources) and Canada (Transalta) to develop TCI originated projects in both Ontario and Quebec. TCI's preferred business model has been to partner with established wind asset owners at PPA award while retaining ongoing responsibilities for development and environmental permitting through to start of construction;
  • 241MW of TCI originated Canadian wind energy projects will commence construction in 2011, providing sufficient green energy to power over 55,000 North American homes;
  • TCI's 125MW Nanticoke project secured the largest PPA issued to date under the Ontario Power Authority Feed in Tariff programme (OPA FIT Process). NextEra Energy Resources (NextEra) acquired the project and TCI will continue to deliver development and environmental permitting responsibilities ahead of construction in 2011;
  • TCI's St Cyprien 24MW project was the only project to secure a PPA with Hydro Quebec in their 250MW RFP for Aboriginal projects up to 25MW. TCI will continue to work closely with the Kahnawake Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) who have acquired the project to ensure its successful development, financing and build;
  • Two TCI originated projects of 160MW are further positioned in the OPA FIT Process where TCI has partnered with NextEra and EdF Energy Nouvelles to apply for two feed-in tariff contracts;
  • Environmental permitting has progressed for the 50MW St Valentin and 66MW New Richmond projects previously awarded PPAs by Hydro Quebec and acquired by Transalta. TCI anticipates receiving environmental approval on both projects during 2011, with construction to commence by the summer of 2011;
  • With specific USA development focus on MISO, PJM and Colorado/Wyoming, TCI completed its first Large Generator Interconnection Agreement in respect of its most advanced MISO project, Ellerth, a 100MW project in Minnesota targeting construction in 2012; and
  • TCI has active development projects in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon and is seeking partnerships to progress over 1,000MW of mid stage USA development projects through to construction and operation.

About TCI Renewables

TCI Renewables Limited is a privately owned, UK originated wind energy development business with offices in Oxford, Belfast and Montreal. The Company has approximately 250MW in development in the UK and a further 1,500MW in development in Canada and the USA.

For further information, please contact:

North America
Brett O'Connor, Operations Director
phone: +1 514 842 1923

United Kingdom
Bruce Hutt, Finance Director
phone: +44 (0)1865 261 300

Press Release:

Infra Red Aviation Lighting Approved By MoD

10 August 2010

RenewableUK has announced today that MoD Air Staff has released approval for clearance of the use of Infra Red lights for onshore wind turbines.

The Infra Red lights, as provided by Contarnex Europe Limited are 300mm high, 140mm in diameter and are attached to the turbine hub.1

For turbines within the UK Low Flying System, the MoD has to date requested that 25 Candela lighting be installed as appropriate. Such lighting has minimal environmental impact and is "roughly equivalent to the tail light on a thirty-year old car".2

The new MoD's standard request for Infra Red lighting will mean that there is no environmental impact on surroundings as Infra Red is invisible to the naked eye. This is very positive news for the onshore wind industry as night-time lighting and its consequential visual impact, albeit small, is sometimes a concern given that turbines tend to be located in rural areas with limited light pollution.

1 - CEL-IR850-024-CST 24V DC IR 880nm Obstacle Light Data & Guide.

2 - MoD letter, 29 June 2009 regarding MoD's position on turbine lighting. The tail light on a thirty- year old car… modern car tail lights are generally brighter than those on vintage vehicles.

Bruce Hutt on 01865 261 300 or at


7 July 2010

(Kahnawá:ke – 8 Ohiarihkó:wa/July, 2010) On July 6, 2010, Tewatohnhi’saktha submitted a bid on behalf of Kahnawá:ke in response to Hydro-Quebec’s call for tender to purchase 250MW of wind energy from Aboriginal Projects. The project, whose proposed location is in St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, QC, is proposed at 24 MW capacity and with an estimated annual energy production of approximately 70 MWhrs per annum. The project will require a total capital investment of $68 million.

Although Tewatohnhi'saktha is proposed to own 99% of the company that will ultimately own the project, there is a partnership agreement with Air Energy TCI Inc. for 1% of the shares that Tewatohnhi'saktha will acquire when the project comes on line. In addition, the partnership agreement provides for certain TCI assets to be sold to Tewatohnhi'saktha’s company, which will be called Kahnawake Sustainable Energies.

As part of the bid submission, Tewatohnhi'saktha was required to select a turbine supplier. Enercon, one of the most respected names in the industry, was selected and a letter of intent to purchase 8 turbines was signed with them.

Hydro-Quebec is expected to announce the successful bids by December 2010, with the earliest possible year of construction in 2013.

TCI Renewables Colorado Development Activity Continues

7 April 2010

Following an eighteen month wind measurement campaign involving the erection of 6 x 60m met towers at three project locations in Northeast Colorado, Air Energy TCI Inc (AET) is progressing with ongoing development work, with over 60,000 acres now under longterm option to lease, AET is positioning its projects to benefit from future transmission routing, progressing three projects of up to 300MW in capacity.

"The results of the eighteen month wind measurement campaign has confirmed our belief in the viability of Colorado wind and we look forward to continued work with local landowners, community members and elected representatives to position these projects for future transmission lines planned for the area. The timelines for these projects are in the medium term, 2013-2017 but continued investment in development activity is key to positioning our projects to access new transmission capacity as it becomes available. The March 2010 increase in Colorado State increase in Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) targets (ie the percentage of generation to come from renewable resources) from 20% by 2020 to 30% by 2020 will provide the backdrop for the continued success of the renewables sector in the Colorado market now possessing the second largest RPS in the nation, behind California, which has mandated 33% by 2020"
Brett O’Connor, Operations Director

For further information regarding 'Connecting Colorado's Renewable Resources to the Markets' please refer to the REDI report produced by the Colorado Governor's Energy Office

Erection of 60m Met Tower in Yuma County, Colorado summer 2008

Press Release:
Churchill Wind Farm Progresses to Next Stage

7 April 2010

Having monitored the wind on-site since February 2008 and after positive analysis - Air Energy TCI (AET) is advancing with the development of the Churchill Wind Farm.

"We recently partnered with NextEra Energy Canada to develop two of our Ontario projects; Adelaide & Nanticoke and these were submitted into the Ontario Power Authorities Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program. We will continue to develop these projects alongside NextEra, but we are now keen to progress our Churchill site, given that there is strong likelihood that the transmission lines in the area will be upgraded to accommodate more wind energy projects west of London."
Brett O'Connor (Operations Director)

The Ontario Power Authority are expected to award contracts for projects submitted under the FIT Program before the end of April 2010 and shortly afterwards will examine the economic feasibility of upgrading lines to facilitate the addition of more wind projects. The Churchill Wind Project is ideally situated along a key transmission and infrastructure corridor, (between London and Sarnia) and is therefore in a solid position to benefit from such planned upgrades.

The Churchill site was originally prospected in 2007 and after initial consultations with local landowners and Township/County officials, a met mast application was approved late 2007. Given the interest in the area from local landowners AET began signing agreements throughout 2008 and 2009 and currently has around 8,000 acres under Option/Lease.

Given the impending announcement of the first round of FIT contracts, AET will step up development activities at the Churchill Site. A Notice of Engagement is likely to be advertised in local newspapers shortly and issued to key stakeholders and local residents in the coming weeks. Time sensitive bird studies are already underway (since the fall of 2009) and a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) application is expected to be submitted late 2010.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the project please feel free to contact:
Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)
T: 514-842-1923

TCI Renewables Submits a 3 Turbine Scheme for Planning Approval

12 March 2010

9 March 2010 TCI Renewables submitted a planning application for a three wind turbine scheme of up to 9MW at Upper Vaunces Farm, near Diss, South Norfolk.

The scheme has been sized to fit with South Norfolk Council’s Wind Turbine Landscape Sensitivity Study which states that the landscape can accommodate two to three turbines. The proposal has the potential to provide clean renewable energy to all 3.500 homes in the surrounding four villages of Dickleburgh, Pulham Market, Pulham St Mary and Rushall.

TCI Renewables’ Director, Bruce Hutt said:
"Very few windfarm proposals can tick all the boxes in the way that this one can. We are in accordance with the Council’s own policy and guidance, there is very limited ecological impact, we are fully compliant on ETSU-R-97 noise guidelines and even with visual impact we are situated in a landscape where the views are broken by the many hedges and trees between residential properties and the turbines themselves.

The UK and the East of England are both woefully behind meeting national and regional renewable energy targets. This scheme provides a sensible balance between the need for the production of more renewable energy and the protection of the environment and the landscape, a landscape which has seen many changes over the years, including having been an airship station and a World War II munitions storage facility. It is now intensively farmed."

The full Environmental Statement or an abbreviated version can be obtained directly from TCI Renewables or downloaded at

Press Release:
Successful 1st Open House for Nanticoke Wind Project

01 February 2010

Air Energy TCI (AET) and NextEra Energy Canada (NEC) hosted the first public open house for the Nanticoke Wind Project on 21st December 2009. The event was held in the Jarvis Lions Hall and was well attended by local residents, landowners, local government officials, media and other key stakeholders.

AET and NEC prepared a wide range of project display boards and mapping displays to address the key issues that are common to wind farm development. Copies of the Project Description and other key studies and reports were on hand and available for review by the public.

Members of the local community examine the project information panels specifically prepared for the evening

"Although the project is well known in the area and it's been in the public domain since October 2008 - this was our first full public engagement event and we are very happy with the response we received from the local community. The project was well received and it was great to get genuine and sensible feedback from local residents, so that we can consider it fully when developing the project"
Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)

Approximately 150 people attended on the evening and around 30 comment forms were returned.

AET and NEC will review all of the feedback received and will consider the information carefully when progressing with the project's development.

Brett O'Connor (Operations Director - AET) discussing the project in detail with some local community members

One of the real successes of the night was the use of a three dimensional "Google Earth" feature which allowed residents to get a visual of what the project might look like when constructed. This was very well received by attendees and the interaction definitely aided understanding of project constraints.

Overall the evening was considered a very positive one and work is now underway to complete the remaining environmental works for the project. It is expected that this project will receive a contract award from the Ontario Power Authority some time in April 2010 and that a second Open House would be scheduled for late summer 2010.

AET and NEC will continue to work closely with stakeholders and the local community to ensure that the project is a successful one.

For further information please contact:
Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)
T: 514-842-1923

Nanticoke and Adelaide Wind Projects, Ontario, Canada

TCI Renewables' Canadian Subsidiary, Air Energy TCI Inc, signs an agreement with NextEra Energy Canada

3 December 2009

Air Energy TCI Inc (AET) is pleased to announce that a transaction has been concluded with NextEra Energy Canada (NEC) regarding the Nanticoke and Adelaide wind projects. NEC will be the owner and operator of the projects and AET will be continue to obtain the required permits and consents and will continue as the main point of contact for landowners and community members.

The transaction resulted in NEC submitting both projects in to the new Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Programme as Launch Applications. The timeframe for FIT Contract Award, whereby the projects would gain a 20 year contract with the OPA for the sale of energy, has yet to be determined. However, construction is anticipated for the period 2010-2011. Both companies will work together over the coming months, in conjunction with project stakeholders, elected representatives and the local community to obtain the Renewable Energy Approval (REA). Public Open Houses have been scheduled for both projects and AET and NEC look forward to engaging with interested members of the community to discuss the projects in more detail.

"This transaction secures a critical path timeline for these projects to proceed to construction with a partner possessing unrivalled wind energy expertise in the North American market place. We look forward to working with NEC, landowners and the local community to make these projects a reality. The transaction resulted from our recent strategic evaluation of how best to progress the projects to construction which concluded that to satisfy the recently released FIT criteria evaluation (such as pre-ordered wind turbines), that it was prudent to progress with a strategic partner such as NEC. The transaction does not include our Churchill (Lambton County, Ontario) project, that we continue to develop in our own right with an anticipated construction of 2011/2012."
Brett O’Connor, Operations Director for AET.

About NEC

  • Largest generator of wind and solar power in North America (over 8000 wind turbines in operation)
  • Subsidiary of FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE: FPL)
  • Founded as ESI Energy in 1985. Established as FPL Energy in 1998. Changed name to NextEra Energy Resources, LLC on Jan. 7, 2009
  • Employees: approximately 4,500 (12/08)
  • Headquarters: Juno Beach, Florida
  • Nearly 90 facilities in operation in 25 states and 2 provinces in Canada
  • Approximately 17,000 megawatts of generating capacity in operation

TCI Renewables secures second wind farm planning consent for 2009 in the East of England

24 July 2009

TCI Renewables is very pleased to announce that it has received planning consent for its Newton Marsh wind farm in North East Lincolnshire.

The project at Anglian Water’s Newton Marsh Sewage Treatment Works involves the erection of two 105m high 2.3MW wind turbines. Once operational, the wind turbines will generate enough clean, green energy to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 2,000 homes and, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute in the fight against climate change.

TCI Renewables' planning application for the turbines was submitted to East Lindsey District Council in December 2007. Following an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination in November last year, the Government Inspector recently ruled in TCIR’s favour and allowed the development.

TCI Renewables' Finance Director, Bruce Hutt, commented:

"We are very pleased that this project to generate clean emission free energy has been given the green light. It is the second scheme to be consented for TCIR in the East of England this year and shows that our commitment to working closely with all stakeholders is ensuring planning consent is granted.

From the outset we believed in this project due to its location adjacent to industrial features and good wind speed. Initial objections to the development from key stakeholders were overcome to allow the development to be consented.

The project is part of our partnership with Anglian Water and forms an important part of their self generation programme."

TCIR is a specialist wind farm development company with 42 projects totalling over 1700MW in development across the UK and North America.

For any enquiries regarding the Newton Marsh wind project, please contact Richard Lill, Senior Project Manager, on 01865 261300.

View of proposed wind farm (photomontage)
View of proposed wind farm (photomontage)

Adelaide Wind Farm - Notice of Completion

05 June 2009

Air Energy TCI (AET) is pleased to announce the completion of the Environmental Screening Report (ESR) for the Adelaide Wind Farm, located in the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe, Middlesex County.

A draft of the report was submitted to various stakeholders for comment in April 2009 and the final document was prepared and issued on 5th June 2009. The report is the result of over 18 months of data gathering and hard work; that saw over 100 turbine layout revisions to ensure that the current design is not only the best in terms of maximising energy yield, but also minimises impacts on the environment and local community. The screening process and report compilation was completed by independent environmental consultants - Golder Associates.

The Notice of Completion has been issued as of 5th June 2009 and full copies of the final report were forwarded to appropriate agencies. The local community will receive notification by way of a mail out and the Notice will also be advertised in the local newspaper.

The report itself can be viewed by visiting the Township Offices (2340 Egremont Drive) or at the Strathroy Public Library (34 Frank Street).

There is an official 30 day review period and AET would welcome feedback on the report from all interested stakeholders prior to 10th July 2009.

All comments and queries should be directed to:

Mark Gallagher
TCI Renewables
381 Rue Notre Dame West
Montreal, QC
H2Y 1V2

T: 1-888-842-1923
F: 514-842-7904

Government Inspector Grants Planning Consent for TCI Renewables' Wind Project at March

17 April 2009

TCI Renewables is pleased to announce that planning consent has been obtained to erect a 2MW wind turbine at Anglian Water's March Wastewater Treatment Works.

Councillors went against their planning officers' recommendation and rejected our proposal for a 105m high turbine because of its ‘visual impact'. Following an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, the decision has been overturned by Government Inspector Geoff Slater. He concluded that the proposed turbine would not have any significant adverse effect on the landscape and that any limited visual impact would be more than outweighed by the substantial renewable energy benefit and reduction in Anglian Water's carbon footprint.

TCI Renewables' Senior Project Manager, Richard Lill, welcomed the Inspector's decision. He said:

"We are delighted that the Planning Inspector has allowed the appeal. Our development team worked very hard to deliver this project and we are pleased it is close to becoming reality. The March wind turbine is an important part of Anglian Water's self generation programme and will help the company's strategy to reduce its carbon emissions."

March, Cambridgeshire (photomontage)

Adelaide Wind Farm – Support for Project at Second Open House

02 April 2009

TCI Renewables (TCIR) is extremely pleased with the feedback gained at the second open house held on March 26th 2009, for the Adelaide Wind Farm project. Over 80 people attended the event which was held in the Adelaide Metcalfe Township Offices. The event was specially designed to enable the public to meet with the project team, learn about the project in detail, ask questions and offer opinions.

Attendees were mainly local residents but there were also members of the public from neighbouring municipalities who travelled to attend the event. There were also local Council members and local government and business representatives from nearby townships in attendance.

On hand from TCIR were Brett O’Connor the company’s North American Operations Director, Mark Gallagher - Development Manager for the project and Gareth McDonald assisting with the development of the project. TCIR also ensured that there were representatives from Golder Associates (independent environmental consultants) on-hand to answer specific questions on environmental impacts, including two noise specialists.

TCIR Staff engage with members of the public at the Open-House

A tally of the feedback sheets from the event shows overwhelming support from those in attendance and this is attributed to good consultation and on-going contact with the public

"We were really pleased with the event and the feedback we received. We had gone to great efforts to ensure we had detailed information at hand, plenty of project mapping, key visual aids and an interactive on-line GIS system which everyone loved. We found that the public were impressed with our work and the information we had and it went some way to ensuring everyone knew just how far the project has developed. We hope that by continuing to work closely with the community we can maintain this level of understanding."
Mark Gallagher (Development Manager)

A group of local residents discussing the project.

TCI Renewables will continue to develop the project and is currently undertaking an Environmental Screening Process in order to evaluate the potential impacts.

Nanticoke Wind Farm – Positive Feedback

22 January 2009

TCI Renewables officially presented the proposed 90MW Nanticoke Wind Farm to the public at a recent Energy Symposium hosted by MPP Toby Barrett in the Jarvis Community Hall, November 20th 2008. Over 250 members of the public turned out to the 2nd annual event which was designed to present the possible energy options available for the Haldimand/Norfolk area and allow feedback and questions from the local public.

Jarvis Community Hall MPP Toby Barrett addresses over 250 member's f the public

"Was a well-balanced amount of information garnered from ten display tables, and over two hours of presentations, questions, answers and some good-natured debate." 1

There were representatives from the Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas and Renewable sectors and each generation type was presented to the Public as an option for the area. There were also presentations from local community groups, and comments from residents who raised concerns over the impacts from the various technology types and it was clear that although there were some queries regarding wind energy it was no doubt considered one of the more benign forms of generation possibilities.

TCI Renewables who had already issued the Notice of Commencement for the Nanticoke wind energy project in October 2008 to over 3000 households, businesses and groups used this event as another opportunity to present the Nanticoke Wind Farm to the public. A detailed display was assembled and information regarding wind energy in general and the project itself was made available to the public who demonstrated a great interest in the project on the night.

Jarvis Community Hall A member of the public collects information on the Nanticoke Wind Farm

Members of the TCI Renewables development team were also on-hand, all evening to answer questions from the public and explain about the environmental and socio-economic benefits the proposed Nanticoke Wind Farm would have, if successfully approved.

Jarvis Community Hall TCI Renewables staff engaging with a member of the public

"It was an amazing turn-out and we would like to thank Mr Barrett for his efforts in organising this event. We had a lot of genuine interest and intelligent questions from the public and it shows that this is an issue, with which the local community have a real desire for meaningful input. From a wind energy perspective, I was very encouraged by the feedback we received on the evening and it seemed that the vast majority of the attendees we spoke with, supported not only wind power, but also our efforts to develop a renewable energy project in an area which has traditionally seen only fossil fuel generation and heavy industrial activities." 2

TCIR have annual wind data from the site dating back to 2005 and have land agreements in place with over 50 local landowners for over 10,000 acres of land. An additional wind measurement mast was erected in October 2008 to measure wind speeds further back from the lakeshore in order to achieve greater accuracy in analysing the local wind resource.

The next step is to continue to assess the environmental impacts of the development and as part of the Environmental Screening Process, having already completed a variety of Fall bird studies - TCI Renewables will now step up environmental study works with the arrival of Spring; completing a variety of detailed ecological, archaeological, and technical studies throughout 2009 with the potential for constructing a project from 2012 onwards depending upon obtaining all necessary permits and approvals and being successful in securing a power supply agreement with the Ontario Power Authority.

TCI Renewables is committed to a high level of consultation and will continue to update the public as the project progresses. For further information about the project please email: or call Free phone: 1-888-842-1923 to speak directly to member of the TCIR Development Team.

Project Contact:

Mark Gallagher
(Development Manager)

TCI Renewables
381 Rue Notre Dame
Montreal, QC
H2Y 1V2

T: 514-842-1923
F: 514-842-7904

[1] Extract from letter written by MPP Toby Barrett to TCI Renewables
[2] Comments from Mark Gallagher, Development Manager for the Nanticoke Wind Energy project